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Who is G’itis Baggs?

We launched a GoFundMe for Grant (aka G’itis Baggs) with the help of our friends Seth Bernard and Bradley Bacon. Grant is a brilliant and unique songwriter, and an astoundingly prolific creator. We booked time at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo for February, and have a great team of musicians playing on the album. 

Amazingly, we met our goal in two days! All the additional funds are going to G’itis living his best life, between supporting supplemental releases and his overall health and wellness. 

Thank you so so much to everyone who donated, shared on social media, and gave us kind words of encouragement these past two weeks!

In January 2020, Grant Littler, known artistically as G’itis Baggs, temporarily lost the use of his right hand and leg while driving and was forced to crash his vehicle to prevent harming others.

He survived the accident, but only after a year of increasing traumatic symptoms was it discovered that he had terminal brain cancer. He has been given, hopefully, three years to live by specialists at the Mayo Clinic.

We are organizing an effort to make a magnificent album featuring some of G’itis’s favorite musicians and dearest friends performing some of his most treasured songs.

We are also raising these funds to support him in documenting and sharing his vast catalogue of brilliant original music. Your support will help a great human being focus on his art and give a beautiful gift to the world before he takes the next courageous step in his journey.

This is an opportunity to be a part of something very meaningful to everyone involved. Thank you for your support.

Stay tuned for updates

Wounded Love

Graham Parsons performs “Wounded Love,” written by G’itis Baggs.

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The Gitis Baggs Game

Seth Bernard performs “The G‘itis Baggs Game,” written by G’itis Baggs.

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Only a Memory

G‘itis Baggs performing at the First Congressional Church in Kalamazoo, MI.

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G’itis Baggs playing with The Go Rounds at Swing State.

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Song of Innocence

Gitis Baggs performing “Song of Innocence” for his Farm Block Session.

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Underground Son

Harvest Gathering 2016 in Lake City, MI written and performed by G’itis Baggs with Jarad ‘Saxsquatch’ Selner on saxophone, Tod Kloosterman on bass, and Joel Pixley-Fink on congas.

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Wavy Gravy

From the album “some other time”
written by G’itis Baggs.

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